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How convenient would it be if learning came to you? Use your mobile device to learn, remember, and teach on your schedule, anywhere you want.

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What if we said that it’s possible to remember everything you have ever learned? The human brain has an unlimited capacity to store information, yet we forget things daily. Let us show you why.

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Smarter Learning

With over 800 research studies documenting the Spacing Effect, it has become one of the most promising learning methods ever witnessed. So how come we have yet to see evidence of its widespread application?

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Our platform delivers any content to the palm of your hand in seconds.

Instructors can create their own content or let us customize it for them.

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Increase employee knowledge and sales, while reducing errors in the process.

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SAT Prep

Boost test scores and master vocabulary by becoming an expert at definitions, synonyms, and sentence completion.

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Students learn more and improve an average of 25% on exam scores.

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